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Committed to community

Raised in a strong faith community, Naomi developed her commitment to social, economic, and racial justice through the words of the biblical prophets. She has been an activist and advocate since her teens. Naomi was often asked to run for office, and in 2017—just after the Presidential election—she announced her candidacy for Talbot County Council. In 2022, the four Democratic Central Committees of District 37 called upon Naomi to run for State Senate, and she readily agreed. 

Naomi grew up in a lower middle-class neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh by a small business owner and a homemaker. The decline of Pittsburgh’s steel industry and the devastating effect of the loss of that industry on families and communities throughout the region (including her own) had a profound impact on Naomi. She understands from personal experience that strong sustainable communities and strong sustainable local economies go hand in hand.

Naomi sees the same kind of economic disruption that she saw in the Rust Belt happening to our watermen, farmers, and small business owners here on the Shore. Just as Pittsburgh saw a “brain drain” as many young people left for greener pastures, so too does the Shore risk losing the very people who can create new businesses, rebuild our communities, and reshape our future. We need to support them, provide them with the resources they need including widespread and affordable broadband and cell phone service.

Naomi's family

Naomi has worked as a professional/adult educator for over 40 years and in settings ranging from large corporations to small community-based organizations.. She holds a degree in Political Science and is a certified National Democratic Training Committee trainer. A skilled facilitator, Naomi excels at bringing people together for tough conversations where all voices are heard and given due consideration. Currently, Naomi serves as Vice Chair of the Talbot County Democratic Central Committee.

She is married to Bob Hyman and is a proud and loving stepmother, stepmother-in-law, and grandmother. Naomi and Bob have lived in Queen Anne’s and Dorchester Counties and now make their home in Easton.

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